Titration Lab (and links for review guide answers)

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Today we spent the first 30 min reviewing for your quizzes next class and then explaining the titration lab.  Most groups were able to get at least 2 titrations completed. Review Guides and Answers Next  Quizzes: Redox and Reactions   (answers) We’re only doing objectives for reactions and redox. Exam Topic List, Exam Review Guide with […]

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Reactions Practice/Review Day

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Today you had time to work on things like the double displacement reactions ws, the review guide for your quizzes (answers) on Monday (B1,7) /Tuesday (B2) and prepare for the titration lab. To prepare for lab: Videos for titration Do pre-lab (1-12) in packet

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Activity Series Lab and Reaction Prediction

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In Block 1 and 7 you had time to work on the analysis for the activity series lab.  You also should have finished the first page of the double displacement reactions worksheet.  Next class we will do the rest, prep for a titration lab and possibly do some online reactions practice. In Block 2 you […]

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SOL Review

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Practice problems that are FREE RESPONSE:  SOL practice items (non-multiple choice) Practice problems at Jefferson Lab Released SOL Tests 2009 2008 2007 2005 2003 My practice worksheets  this SOL equations to know,  atomic structure practice problems  scientific methods more scientific inquiry energy moles and stoichiometry reactions

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