1. Warm-up:
    1. What volume of gas, at STP, is made when 10.0 mL of 6.0 M sulfuric acid reacts with 2.0 g of iron? (When iron reacts assume it forms the +3 ion) (ans: 1.2 L)
    2. How many moles of excess reactant are left?
    3. What is the percent yield if only  400. mL are made?
  2. Redox Rxn Video  (at about 8 minutes, stop and do text frame, then go back to watch rest of movie)
  3. Redox practice (text frame, identification of redox rxns)
  4. Build a Battery Lab

Homework: Pre-lab for Activity Series Lab: pg 300 in textbook

  1. Set-up data notebook with Title, purpose, page headings, procedure reference
  2. Watch video (see below)
  3. Make a data table: Make it similar to the one in the book, BUT include
    1. 3 extra rows: Sn, Fe, color of original solution
    2. 3 extra columns: SnCl2(aq), Fe(NO3)3(aq), appearance of metal
    3. Make the squares large enough to include observations (gas formations, precipitation, color changes, heat